Recordings of 2023 WUN Conference & Brown Bag Webinar Now Available

In celebration of EDUCATION DAY of Wake Up Narcolepsy’s 2023 awareness week leading up to World Narcolepsy Day, recordings from the 2023 National Conference & Patient Summit as well as the September Brown Bag Webinar are available now on the WUN YouTube Channel or on our website here!


The recordings feature:

Medications for Narcolepsy – Present & Future with Dr. Michael H. Silber

Narcolepsy Symptoms & Diagnosis with Dr. Mithri Junna

Person with Narcolepsy Panel with Nicole Jeray, Olivia Sirpilla, Ann Klaas and Tom Heckmaster

Narcolepsy Throughout Lifetime Breakout Session with Dr. Baughn, Dr. Lipford and Emily Robinson

Narcolepsy & Comorbidities Breakout Session with Dr. Kolla, Dr. Carvalho and Dr. St. Louis

September 2023 Brown Bag Webinar – An Overview of Narcolepsy Medications in the US with Dr. Suzanne Stephens


We hope to see you at our panel tonight at 6pm Eastern Time and tomorrow for our World Narcolepsy Day celebrations including an Instagram Live with Katie Morton from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise!