The annual awareness campaigns focus on what it means to have Narcolepsy and how it affects the people who have it and their loved ones, doctors and researchers. They bring further awareness to the Narcolepsy community by giving those living with the condition a space to tell their stories!

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#NarcolepsyInSixWords 2024

Brought back by popular demand, we’re asking the community again to describe Narcolepsy in just six words!

Take a look at the submissions below:


In 2023, we asked the community to show us what their Narcolepsy looks like.

The responses we received showed us how creative PWNs are and different each story is.

Take a look at the submissions below:


Just like Ernest Hemingway once won a bet by writing a short story in six words, this year WUN asked people with Narcolepsy to describe what it means to them in just six words.

The responses and entries we received reminded us how strong the Narcolepsy community is, and why we feel so confident in the future of Narcolepsy research, education, and treatment.

Here are our some of the submissions:


For Sleep Week 2021, WUN asked people with Narcolepsy to share their experiences with naps, as well as their tips for sleeping, napping, how naps make them feel.

Below are people with Narcolepsy who are #GoodAtNaps:


WUN’s Sleep Week 2020 campaign highlighted the daily realities, routines, and struggles of people with Narcolepsy.

#WhenIWakeUp received submissions from PWN, caregivers, children with Narcolepsy and loved ones that described the different experiences each person has when waking up.

Check them out below: