Accommodations for School & Work

Narcolepsy Accommodations: School & Work (Brochure #1)

Asking for and about accommodations in school and work environments can increase productivity in those with Narcolepsy and allow them to get the special care and attention they need to be successful in the world.

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The Student With Narcolepsy & The Educational System (Brochure #2)

Breaking down the differences between the Section 504: Rehabilitation Act and Individualized Educational Plans to figure out which accommodations are best for your child and their Narcolepsy needs.

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Advancing The Knowledge of Narcolepsy To Find A Cure (Brochure #3)

Wake Up Narcolepsy provides information and statistics surrounding the worldwide cases of those that have Narcolepsy or show symptoms and remain undiagnosed.

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Narcolepsy Handout (Brochure #4)

Fast facts on Narcolepsy symptoms, including the two different types of Narcolepsy, what a diagnosis can look like and possible treatment options.

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Brown Bag Webinar: Accommodations For School & Work