Join people across the country who give support to all those living with Narcolepsy and their families with these volunteer opportunities.

Wake Up Narcolepsy Volunteers

Wake Up Narcolepsy Community Volunteer Descriptions

WUN Community Leader
• Oversee activities in your region
• Recruit other volunteers beginning with local WUN families
• Organize meetings
• Work with WUN staff on goals and progress


WUN Fundraising Committee Member
• Create a fundraising event in your region
• Build a committee of other WUN families in your region
• Plan logistics of event
• Be day of WUN representative
• Use WUN’s online fundraising platform with staff guidance for the event
WUN will assist with materials, incentives, day of collection package, permits, insurance


WUN Peer to Peer Supporters
• Share their experiences with other people living with Narcolepsy for support and connection
• Be a resource to reach out to PWN and /or family member that needs support
• Be an online support group lead



WUN Community Liaison
• Find opportunities for meet & greet, media opportunities and clinician relationships
• Creates lists for opportunities
• Organizes meet & greets
• Reaches out to local Narcolepsy clinicians to bring WUN information
• Reach out to local media for awareness opportunities


WUN PWN Voice of Patient
• Share your journey as a PWN, parent or caregiver with the community, our pharma partners, clinicians or researchers
• Work with WUN staff to train to be a spokesperson
• Be available to be interviewed by pharma, be a speaker at a WUN event or webinar