WUN Education Day Videos

Wake Up Narcolepsy offers webinars and in-person events that focus on educating people on Narcolepsy. Past WUN Education Days have focused on social support, living with Narcolepsy, medication and treatment options, and so much more.

2023 Canadian Narcolepsy Webinar

Challenges for Adolescents with Narcolepsy with Dr. Indra Narang
The Latest in Narcolepsy Research with Dr. John Peever
Living a Mentally Healthy Life with Narcolepsy with Dr. Brian Murray
My Journey with Narcolepsy with Sheila Digout
Narcolepsy Medications with Dr. Laurel Charlesworth

2021 Canadian Narcolepsy Webinar

Social Support and Counseling: Navigating Narcolepsy And Mental Health Comorbidities with Lanna Barrison
Narcolepsy Management: Voices of Adolescents Diagnostic Journey with Dr. Indra Narang and Dr. Lena Xiao
Preconception and Pregnancy with Type 1 Narcolepsy: The Critical Role of Peer Support with Sara Wolf
Narcolepsy Research: A Bright Future with John Peever, PhD
Living With Narcolepsy: A Retired Paediatric Nurse’s Delayed Diagnostic Journey with Sheila Coutts
Transplanting Immortal Orexin Cells in Narcolepsy with Sara Pintwala, PhD Candidate

REAL Webinar:

Navigating Narcolepsy and Mental Health Education Day Webinar

Living with Narcolepsy During the COVID-19 Pandemic, a virtual panel discussion presented by Avadel Pharmaceuticals with Dr. Asim Roy and Kara Sulzer
Navigating Narcolepsy and Mental Health with Michael Grandner, Ph.D., MTR
Social Support and Counseling: Navigating Narcolepsy And Mental Health Comorbidities with Matthew Horsnell
What’s Trending in Narcolepsy and Mental Health? with Jason Ong, PhD

IMPACT Webinar:

Looking Beyond the Symptoms of Narcolepsy

The Impact of Narcolepsy on the Social Lives of Young Adult with Dr. Thomas Scammell and Ryan D. Davidson
 Narcolepsy Symptoms & Diagnosis: Narcolepsy vs. Other Hypersonias with Dr. Kiran Maski
The Power of Acceptance and Where it Can Lead You: Service Dog Edition with Danielle D. Brooks
Behavioral Treatments For Narcolepsy: What Do We Need and What Do We Need To Know? with Dr. Judith Owens

2020 WUN Education Day Webinar

Medication for Narcolepsy: The Old & New with Dr. Suzanne Stevens
 Narcolepsy Symptoms & Diagnosis: Narcolepsy vs. Other Hypersonias with Dr. Dan Stevens
Living with Narcolepsy- Lifestyle Management Strategies with Mali Einen
Mental Health & Wellbeing: For the Person with Narcolepsy with Dr. Kevin Smith

WUN Education Day: Rochester, MN

Nicole Jeray:  Living Well with Narcolepsy

WUN Education Day: Los Angeles

Dr. Jason Ong: Improving Sleep and Mental Health in Narcolepsy with Behavioral Sleep Medicine
Mali Einen: Thriving with Narcolepsy: Implementing Lifestyle Strategies/Healthy Habits Workshop
Gina Dennis: Personal Journey Towards Diet for Narcolepsy Symptom Management

WUN Education Day: New York

Dr. Imran Ahmed: Overview of Narcolepsy and Diagnosis
Dr. Meeta Gowswami: Procrastination: Causes and Management
Dr. Dominic Roca: Treatment of Narcolepsy in the Real World
Suzanne Rispoli: Empower or Enable? A Mother’s Journey Parenting a Child with Narcolepsy
Dr. Shelby Harris: Behavioral Treatments for Narcolepsy