Online Support Groups

WUN offers free, targeted online support groups to individuals with Narcolepsy and their families world-wide. Our programs are designed to bring together individuals who have been affected by the diagnosis of Narcolepsy and provide support and the community necessary to thrive. Individuals with Idiopathic Hypersomnia are also welcome to join these support groups.

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Living with Narcolepsy – Comorbidities Mondays 7pm ET
Parents and Loved Ones of PWN (Person with Narcolepsy) Mondays 8:15pm ET
College & Careers with Narcolepsy Tuesdays 7pm ET
Pregnancy and Parenting with Narcolepsy Tuesdays 8pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy Wednesdays 7pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy Wednesdays 10pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy – Canada Thursdays 6:30pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy – LGBTQIA+ Fridays 4pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy Saturdays 1:30pm ET

Wake Up Narcolepsy In-Person and Online Conferences

WUN offers US & Canadian conferences and webinars for people with Narcolepsy, their families, educators, clinicians, and researchers. In these conferences and webinars, leading experts share their latest research on treatment options, the impact of Narcolepsy, comorbidity, and how to live a full life with Narcolepsy.

Stay Updated

Wake Up Narcolepsy seeks to raise awareness about medication and treatments for people with Narcolepsy so that they can make better-informed decisions for themselves and their families. However, Wake Up Narcolepsy does not endorse or recommend any medications or treatments or make any representations or warranties as to the content, accuracy, or completeness of these articles. Wake Up Narcolepsy is not engaged in rendering medical advice, and if you think you have Narcolepsy (or think you might have Narcolepsy), you should consult with your doctor to fully investigate treatment options to meet your individual needs.

Family Weekend for Children/Teens with Narcolepsy

A camp-style weekend for our families provides a unique opportunity where children and teens with Narcolepsy can meet each other! Registration is OPEN! 2024 Dates: October 18th-20th, 2024. Center for Courageous Kids, Scottsville, Kentucky.

Narcolepsy on Social Media

Check out the accounts of people with Narcolepsy that share their stories and educational resources!


– Tom Heckmaster – @sleepingtom5


Narcolepsy Service Dogs

– Happy Dawson – @happydogatwork

– Belphegora the Great Dane – @gorathedane