Online Support Groups

WUN offers free, targeted online support groups to individuals with Narcolepsy and their families world-wide. Our programs are designed to bring together individuals who have been affected by the diagnosis of Narcolepsy and provide support and the community necessary to thrive. Individuals with Idiopathic Hypersomnia are also welcome to join these support groups.

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Parents of PWNs 2nd & 4th Monday each month 12:00pm ET
College and Careers with Narcolepsy Tuesday 7:00pm ET
Pregnancy and Parenting with NarcolepsyTuesday 8:00pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy Wednesday 7:00pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy - West Coast Wednesday 10:00pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy - Canada Thursday 6:30pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy - LGBTQIA+ Friday 4:00pm ET
Living with Narcolepsy Saturday 1:30pm ET

Narcolepsy Toolkit for Women

Download the Society for Women’s Health Research’s Narcolepsy Toolkit to gain a better understanding of sleep disorders, treatment and care, and facts about Narcolepsy. The toolkit helps you learn how Narcolepsy affects individuals, specifically women, as well as their loved ones and provides information on which treatment options and resources are available.

Brown Bag Webinars

WUN hosts quarterly Brown Bag Webinars with special guest presenters in the medical field, panelists, or those with Narcolepsy. These webinars are free and open to the public, and typically cover a Narcolepsy-related topic specific to the guest speaker or speakers.

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Wake Up Narcolepsy In-person and Online Conferences

WUN offers US & Canadian conferences and webinars for people with Narcolepsy, their families, educators, clinicians, and researchers. In these conferences and webinars, leading experts share their latest research on treatment options, the impact of Narcolepsy, comorbidity, and how to live a full life with Narcolepsy.

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Past Education Days

Wake Up Narcolepsy offers webinars and in-person events that focus on educating people on Narcolepsy. Past WUN Education Days have focused on social support, living with Narcolepsy, medication and treatment options, and so much more. View our past Education Day videos to gain knowledge and insight on all things Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy 360 Podcast

Every person diagnosed with Narcolepsy embarks on a unique journey. There is no standard path, and for many, this proves to be among the most challenging aspects of the disorder.

The Narcolepsy 360 podcasts are a series of interviews that take a panoramic view of Narcolepsy from the patient, caregiver, research and clinical perspective. Each conversation draws on experiences, best practices and expert advice from patients, parents and doctors. From the latest research to lifestyle tips, our podcasts shed light on the less-discussed issues around Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy 101

We often hear from our community about the challenges of explaining narcolepsy to others. Narcolepsy 101 is a series WUN created to easily share. So that hard work of explaining is in our hands and not yours!