Wake Up Narcolepsy Signs Coalition to Advance Maternal Therapeutics (CAMT) Letter to FDA

In August 2023, Wake Up Narcolepsy announced their involvement as a member organization of the Coalition to Advance Maternal Therapeutics (CAMT).

The coalition was founded in 2014 “with the goal of better understanding the safety and efficacy of prescription drugs, therapeutics, and vaccines used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

On October 5th, 2023, the CAMT sent a letter to the FDA “urging it to harmonize its regulations and guidance governing the inclusion of pregnant women in clinical research with the Common Rule.”

Wake Up Narcolepsy, along with the other member organizations of the CAMT, signed on to this letter.

The full letter can be found as a PDF here or on CAMT’s website.

Learn more about Wake Up Narcolepsy’s Pregnancy & Parenting support group here.