Narcolepsy and Physical Activity Survey – Grand State Valley University

Looking for participants with narcolepsy to complete a survey for a graduate study: Narcolepsy & Physical Activity Survey

Purpose of the study:

This research study aims to look at whether physical activity has an effect on levels of excessive daytime sleepiness for individuals with narcolepsy types 1 and 2. Physical activity is highly recommended to improve quality of life for a wide variety of populations, and for healthy individuals. There is little research that looks at the effect of physical activity for people with narcolepsy. This study will also look at what types of physical activity effects excessive daytime sleepiness the most, in order to improve the quality of recreational therapy treatment when working with individuals with narcolepsy.


• Participants will complete an online survey on their personal device, in the location of their choosing.
• The survey should take anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.
• The survey is free to complete. Participants will just have to have their own device and internet access to complete the survey.

Learn more and participate here.


Dawn Devries DHA, DFRT, CTRS
Associate professor, and program chair, recreation therapy
Grand Valley State University

Ciara Oakley
Masters of recreation therapy student
Grand Valley State University