Post Camp Reflection

Post Camp Reflection

Last month WUN sponsored a weekend camp for children with narcolepsy and their families. Set in the beautiful Kentucky countryside, The Center For Courageous Kids accommodated 33 families from our community, many of whom had never before met another child with narcolepsy. For parents and siblings, it was also a time for making new connections, having fun, or simply just relaxing while the children were fishing, learning archery or horseback riding. Other opportunities included fall festivities, wood working, making slime, face painting, bowing and evening swimming. Parents participated in several large discussion groups facilitated by WUN staff and were supported with their children throughout the weekend by CCK counselors.

WUN would like to extend our thanks to all of the families for attending this life-changing weekend, and to all of the staff at CCK for this wonderful opportunity. Registration for 2019 opens next month so check back in for details. Until then, here’s what our kids had to say about camp …

“It’s changed my life. Now I’ve met my best friend with narcolepsy.” ~ Grace, 17

“Being at camp feels normal and nice. We all understand each other and can try things without worrying about having cataplexy.” ~ Mathilda, 12

“What’s really cool about camp is that I know I’m not the only one.”  ~ Krista, 11

“I was proud and excited to do archery for the first time.”   ~ Mari, 7

It only costs $300 to send a child with narcolepsy and their whole family to camp. Please help us reach our $10,000 for 2019 so we can offer this program again.  To build your own camp fundraiser or donate to the 2019 camp click here:   https://camp4cwn.funraise.org/