Wake Up Narcolepsy Partners with American Heart Association for Cardiovascular Health & Sleep Initiative

Wake Up Narcolepsy (WUN) is excited to announce a partnership with American Heart Association (AHA) for their Cardiovascular Health & Sleep Initiative!

“When it comes to sleep, how much you get and how restful it is can impact other aspects of your health. The American Heart Association launched the Cardiovascular Health & Sleep Initiative to help give the sleep patient and professional community an in-depth understanding of the link between sleep disorders and cardiovascular health in order to:

  • Help patients understand their risk for cardiovascular disease because of their sleep disorder diagnosis
  • Empower patients to speak with their health care professional about their risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Educate more health care professionals to increase awareness of and improve cross-disciplinary care for sleep disorders, comorbidities, and wellbeing”

In 2022, sleep was added to the previous seven modifiable components considered by the AHA to be key to ideal cardiovascular health. The result was ‘Life’s Essential 8.’

Below are some resources for those looking to learn more about the relationship between sleep and cardiovascular health. They have been uploaded for your convenience, but can also be found on the AHA’s website here.

Thank you to the American Heart Association for the opportunity to spread awareness through the sleep community and for your incredible resources. 

Keep an eye out for more to come! 

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