Meaningful Change. Meaningful Growth. Help Make This Thanksgiving Extra Special!



This year has been extra hard, for all of us.

In every home, community,  and country, in every way our lives have changed and still, there seems so much uncertainty ahead. People affected by narcolepsy, have experienced a greater need for connection, resources and support in the wake of COVID-19 and we have seen those needs met by your generosity!

Over the next few weeks as we launch our 2020 End of Year Giving Campaign, I will be sharing stories and testimonials from our community which show the powerful ways in which YOUR help has provided programs of support and meaning to individuals and families affected by narcolepsy. 

Look out for our emails and videos from children and adults who will be sharing HOW YOUR MONEY has helped them during this season of change and challenge.

I would like to start with a message from Dr. Thomas Scammell who is at the forefront of narcolepsy research and was one of our 2020 research award recipients.

You can help make this Thanksgiving extra special for people with narcolepsy by kicking off our End Of Year Campaign and helping us reach a goal of $25, 000! Please join us in providing help for people with narcolepsy in 2021 by donating today!

Or mail a check to :
Wake Up Narcolepsy
End of Year Giving Campaign
PO Box 60293
Worcester, MA 01606

On behalf of our narcolepsy researchers, the WUN board of directors, and people with narcolepsy, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and ask for your continued giving.