Announcing Takeda Pharmaceuticals Event in Los Angeles —You’re Invited!


On January 20th, 2019, Takeda Pharmaceuticals is offering patients diagnosed with type 1 narcolepsy the opportunity to participate in a unique roundtable discussion. If you are currently participating in our narcolepsy education day on the 19th, why not extend your stay and share your expertise as part of a research and development initiative by Takeda? The focus of the day is to share your personal experiences as a patient with type 1 narcolepsy with Takeda to inform the drug development process. Questions will be directed around your experience of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. Participants are compensated $75 per hour. Interested in attending?


Here are the details:


The Westin Hotel 191 N Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101


9am-3pm on January 20th, 2019



Patients participate in a small roundtable discussion with leading experts from Takeda Pharmaceuticals in a breakout room at the Pasadena Westin Hotel.

Compensation is $75 an hour. ($375 for the full day.)

Lunch is provided.



Takeda is engaging with patients to learn more about Excessive Daytime Sleepiness that will help in the drug development process of a new medication to address symptoms of narcolepsy.



To set up your screening call, please contact jcerullo@VOZAdvisors.com by December 10, 2018


Additionally, to attend the WUN Narcolepsy Education Day on Jan 19th 2019 click here: https://la-educationday.eventbrite.ca