Habitual – a New Narcolepsy Managment App Needed Participants for a 30 Day Study

In this age of technology, have you ever wished there was an app that helped you document and manage your narcolepsy? Habitual is a newly developed app created just to do that. Wake Up Narcolepsy has been working with collaborative organizations and is excited to share an opportunity for PWNs with narcolepsy type 1 to beta test this app.

Habitual is a digital companion as unique as each person with narcolepsy. The key features are Track, Explore, Data and Report.

Would you like to test Habitual and explore whether it can make a difference in how you manage your narcolepsy? The study is a 30-day evaluation.
🔵 Understand the usability of Habitual over time and user experience with the app features
🟢 Get user input to outline potential shortcomings or issues, and identify additional needs
🟡 Assess whether Habitual empowers users to have a better understanding and management of their condition

We are looking for participants of age 18+ with type 1 narcolepsy to use the Habitual companion app for a period of 30 days, starting in September 2020, and share their experience and feedback with us through a pre- and post-study survey as well as a final interview. If you are interested in participating, or have any additional questions, please reach out to us at: wiktoria.staszak@student.hpi.de