online support groups

Announcing the launch of our online support groups

A year ago, WUN carried out a survey within our community asking people and families affected by narcolepsy about their most pressing needs. An overwhelming number of patients and care-givers responded with the need for support and connection because narcolepsy can be bewildering and isolating. We then set about finding the means and best ways to provide such support and are pleased to announce that our new online support groups will begin November 12th. The first three groups are for the newly diagnosed, young adults (18-25 years) and for parents and care-givers. The sessions are free to patients and can be accessed from anywhere in the world providing you have a mobile device, laptop computer or android.

Each group can host up to 12 people and are led by expert facilitators who are trained in peer support and have personal experience with living with narcolepsy. Utilizing a digital platform called Support Group Central, WUN will open registration for the next 6-8 weeks. Each live video-based session runs for 90 minutes and can be anonymous should people choose not to be seen in the virtual group.

Want to sign up for a support group? Click on Get Involved, at the top of the webpage and then click on Online Support Group. You will create your Free Member Account and then sign up for the meeting(s) of your choice.

Remember these groups are accessed from all over the world, regardless of what time zone you live in so please share this supportive resource with those you know who might benefit.

We look forward to meeting you!