Boston Children’s Hospital Narcolepsy Research Study for Kids Ages 9 to 17

Validation of Pediatric Narcolepsy Patient Reported Outcomes (PN-PROS)

Narcolepsy symptoms in children and adolescents extend beyond sleepiness alone. Narcolepsy symptoms commonly affect academic function, social relationship, mood, and sleep. In order to develop an outcomes scale that reflects values and experiences of kids with pediatric narcolepsy, we are testing a survey among kids 9-17 years with confirmed narcolepsy diagnosis. Participation requires permitting confirmation of diagnosis and completion of online surveys. As a thank you, participants completing surveys will be given a $100 gift card.

For more information about participation, please contact us at NeuroSleepResearch-dl@childrens.harvard.edu or view the flyer by selecting “Link to flyer” on the Boston Children’s Hospital Sleep Center Research & Innovation website.