Narcolepsy Interview & Survey Opportunity

Narcolepsy Interview & Survey Opportunity

$50 – $125 paid incentive

Pillar Patient Advocates are looking to include 39 patients in a 75 min. phone/ computer interview to review materials in development. Participants are paid $125 for their time and input. They are also looking to include 150 patients in a 25-minute online survey, participants are paid $50. Both studies are for US residents only. All information is kept confidential.

If interested please contact:

Email- epilkington@pillaradvocates.com

Register: https://www.research.net/r/ppawakeupnar

Phone: 908-509-8900

Pillar Patient Advocates LLC

NOTE: This is not a study conducted by an academic or health institution, hospital or patient advocacy organization. Notification about this survey by such an organization is for communication purposes only.