Harmony Biosciences Hosts Summit Which Sheds Light on Impact of Sleep Disruption in Rare Diseases

The commonality of sleep disruption in people living with rare diseases not previously recognized.

On World Sleep Day, Harmony Biosciences released their findings from a summit they hosted which shed light on the impact of sleep disruption. Our very own, Lindsay Jesteadt participated in this summit.

Harmony Biosciences Holdings, Inc., a pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative therapies for patients living with rare neurological disorders who have unmet medical needs, today announced publication of a white paper sharing outcomes from a Summit on Sleep Disruption the company hosted in December 2020. For the first time, this summit convened a diverse group of people living with rare diseases, caregivers and leaders of advocacy organizations, who represented diseases in which sleep disruption has been recognized, to discuss the role excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) plays in their respective conditions.

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