A Holiday Giveaway…Free Seats for the LA Narcolepsy Education Day!

As part of the holiday season, we want to give back to our community! We are offering 20 free tickets to our Los Angeles Narcolepsy Education Day on January 19, 2019. This giveaway only lasts until Tuesday, January 1st at 11:59 PM PT. To receive the free tickets today, please email Tammy Smith at tsmith@wakeupnarcolepsy.org with the Subject: Free LA Narcolepsy Education Day Tickets! Please indicate how many tickets you would like.

Here’s the schedule of speakers for the LA Narcolepsy Education Day.

With a focus on current treatments, impact and thriving with narcolepsy, join us and other PWN for this informative event …

Key Note: 

“Current Research and Treatments” –Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD

“Improving Sleep and Mental Health in Narcolepsy with Behavioral Sleep Medicine” –Jason Ong, PhD

“Narcolepsy and Comorbidity”–Chad Ruoff, MD

“Personal Journey Towards Diet for Narcolepsy Symptom Management.” –Gina Dennis

“Thriving with Narcolepsy: Implementing Lifestyle Strategies/Healthy Habits Workshop” — Mali Einen

“It’s Not Me, It’s We: Narcolepsy and the Family System” –Miyoung Yoon Hammer, PhD, LMFT

“Clinical Trial Education and Patient Engagement”–Veronica Moore, MA


Come join us!

– The Wake Up Narcolepsy Team