Dr. Jason Ong was Awarded an Important NIH Grant!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Jason Ong, part of WUN’s Medical Advisory Board, has been awarded an important NIH grant. In fact, it is the first NIH grant which directly aims to improve the psychosocial aspects of living with narcolepsy!

This is Wake Up Narcolepsy‘s mission in action! We would like to offer congratulations to Dr. Ong and his dedication to expand awareness through “Mind-Body Approach to Improve Health-Related Quality of Life for People with Narcolepsy: A Feasible Study.” We would also like to thank ALL of our donors who have contributed to narcolepsy research. Your contributions are effective. Finally, we would like to thank our PWN community. Thank you for participating and communicating that this is a necessary study. Your voices are being heard!

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Ong’s work we suggest you listen to @narcolepsy_360 episode 18. In that episode, Dr. Ong and Claire Crisp discuss narcolepsy and mental health. Dr. Ong’s primary research interest is focused on non-pharmacological sleep disorders, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness meditation.

Head over to http://ow.ly/iDRo50jCYyf to listen to the episode!