Wake Up Narcolepsy Announces Collaboration with Farkle and Friends

Wake Up Narcolepsy (WUN) is excited to announce its collaboration with Farkle and Friends!

Farkle is a dog with Narcolepsy that became a viral sensation on TikTok with his videos of his symptoms reaching over 15 million views within two weeks of account creation. Many of the audience members were people living with Narcolepsy, relating to certain parts of Farkle’s experiences, or people wanting to learn more about the condition in general. 

Wendy Johnson, Farkle & Cara Weaver

Wendy Johnson, Farkle’s owner, created this platform with hopes of spreading awareness and education through sharing Farkle’s story. Wendy is the founder of Touch of Grey Rescue, a dog rescue dedicated to “giving senior and special needs dogs a new leash on life,” and author of the children’s book series, “Farkle and Friends.” Farkle is the special needs dog ambassador of Touch of Grey Rescue and the star of the book series!

When originally fostering Farkle, Wendy was told that he might have epilepsy. As a person with epilepsy herself, Wendy instantly recognized that it was not what the dog was experiencing as he could be “woken up” from his episodes. Her trips to veterinarians often came up empty-handed, so she did her own extensive research and realized that it could be Narcolepsy. She then brought Farkle to a vet to have it confirmed and he was diagnosed. 

Because of the many misconceptions out there about Narcolepsy, Wendy recognized the importance of spreading accurate information about the disorder. WUN and Farkle will be collaborating on an educational video series on TikTok and other social media platforms, called “Farkle & WUN’s Narcolepsy Notes.”

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We recognize that Narcolepsy looks different for everyone, and shows up in people and dogs in varying ways. This collaboration is intended to spread awareness about the commonly misunderstood disorder and answer common questions. It is not intended to equate the experiences of Farkle with any person living with Narcolepsy. Questions will be answered based on the experiences of Farkle when referring to Narcolepsy in dogs and on the experiences and knowledge available to Wake Up Narcolepsy when referring to Narcolepsy in people.

The staff members of Wake Up Narcolepsy (WUN) are not medical professionals and are not engaged in rendering medical advice. If you have Narcolepsy or Idiopathic Hypersomnia (or think you might have Narcolepsy or Idiopathic Hypersomnia), you should consult with your doctor to fully investigate options for your individual needs.

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