All 2023 Brown Bag Webinar Recordings AVAILABLE NOW on Wake Up Narcolepsy’s YouTube Channel!

Wake Up Narcolepsy is happy to close out another successful year of Brown Bag Webinars! During 2023, we had eight webinars on different topics related to Narcolepsy featuring experts in the field. Missed one? Not a problem! The recordings of each one can be found on our website or YouTube channel

Keep an eye out for our 2024 Brown Bag Webinars! We have an exciting line up for our community!

2023 Webinar Recordings:

February 9th – Heart Health & Narcolepsy by Michael Grandner, PhD

Dr. Grandner taught us about the importance of sleep and cardiovascular health, discussing the unique heart health risks associated with Narcolepsy, including stress and mental health, and the advantages and disadvantages of available therapeutic treatments.

March 9th – Patient Voice – Newly Diagnosed with Narcolepsy with Emily Barker & Kimberly Cassidy

Emily Barker, a person with Narcolepsy, and Kimberly Cassidy, parent of a person with Narcolepsy and WUN board member shared their narcolepsy journeys and how they received a diagnosis. They discussed navigating a new Narcolepsy diagnosis and shared resources and tips and tricks that they found helpful at the beginning of their journeys.

April 13th – Supporting the Transition from Pediatric Narcolepsy Care to Adult Narcolepsy Care, by Kiran Maski, MD, MPH

Dr. Maski shared age-appropriate medical definitions that patients can use when explaining Narcolepsy and their symptoms, the diagnostic tests they may have participated in and common treatments/therapies and how they work to improve symptoms. She provided guidance on how these definitions and explanations should evolve as the child grows and included practical ways to help your child through this process.

May 11th – Access to Care & Patient Assistance for People with Narcolepsy with NORD Representatives 

NORD representatives Jill Pollander, RN, MSN Vice President of Patient Services, and Alicia Lawrence, LMSW, Information and Resource Services Manager, discussed issues that affect access to care for people with rare diseases and the ins and outs of patient assistance programs.

June 15th – Understanding the Differences Between Narcolepsy Type 1, Type 2, and Idiopathic Hypersomnia, by Thomas Scammell, MD

Dr. Thomas Scammell explained the differences between NT1, NT2 and IH. While these sleep disorders have many commonalities, they deserve to be understood individually so that patients can receive the best treatment and therapies available for their specific diagnosis. In this presentation, Dr. Scammell helped us understand their shared and unique symptoms, characteristics and causes. He also discussed effective treatment and medication options for each.

September 12th – Narcolepsy Therapies, by Suzanne Stevens, MD, MS

Dr. Suzanne Stevens is a graduate of the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine. She completed her neurology residency and sleep medicine fellowship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. She has a passion for providing care to patients with complex sleep disorders and is a frequent speaker on current and emerging therapies for hypersomnia.

October 12th – The Benefits of Proper Sleep Hygiene by Shelby Harris, PsyD, DBSM

Dr. Shelby Harris, Behavioral Sleep Medicine expert, explained the components of proper sleep hygiene, its benefits for individuals with Narcolepsy and discussed ways to improve sleep regimens. Learn how behavioral and environmental factors affect your sleep and what you can do to get your best night’s sleep.

November 16th – Taking Care of Your Mental Health: Strategies for People with Narcolepsy and Supporters, by Jennifer Mundt, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Mundt, PhD and Sleep Psychologist, talked about the important role that mental health plays in managing Narcolepsy. She discussed ways to care for your mental health, including strategies for people with Narcolepsy and supporters.

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