2020 Boston Marathon Cancelled

Wake Up Narcolepsy regrets to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Boston Marathon. For our organization, runners, donors and community, this is difficult news. As you know, COVID-19 has placed unprecedented pressure on individuals, organizations and cities across the world. We mourn the loss of lives, the ongoing threat to society and the impact this disease is having on each of us.

With regret, our 2020 #TEAMWUN has been called upon to realize a digital marathon alternative in September of this year. Our sole aim in securing bibs for the prestigious Boston Marathon is to raise funds for narcolepsy research. By way of thanks, we congratulate our #2020WUNNERS @Lindsay Jesteadt @Thaddeus Bath @Colleen Marsallo @Gretchen Micklitsch who have endeavored not only to train to race-level fitness but also secure funds which will directly improve the lives of people with narcolepsy. We applaud you four! 

We also want to extend a heartfelt thanks to our donors and supporters. All of you, having laid aside funds to alleviate the suffering of people with narcolepsy are recognized as team players in supporting those in our community who struggle night and day with the symptoms of narcolepsy. Thank you!
Without you, we could not fund pivotal research. As a reminder, the WUN Boston Marathon fundraiser over the years has seen a generous gift of over $800,000. These funds have been directed to both large and small narcolepsy research projects across the USA.  Investigations by our researchers have led to numerous peer-reviewed articles, procurement of NIH grants and tangible results leading to the betterment of lives of people with narcolepsy. We know there is more work to be done and with this in mind, we appeal to you for your ongoing support.
While some of our team may run the race alone, in their hometowns, we want to acknowledge at this time, their efforts to date and continue to support them in their ongoing endeavors to secure funds for all those in our community. They, like many in our community, are experiencing unprecedented levels of isolation.
If you feel able, please tap on this link to further support our mission.  All of us at WUN remain deeply grateful for your understanding at this time and your ongoing support in reaching our goal of $50,000. Click here to help the 2020 #TEAMWUN achieve their goal.
Where possible, we will share with you the various individual races in September and eagerly look forward to a time when we can more collectively advocate for those with narcolepsy. Do keep up with WUN through our website and on social media as we anticipate the altered 2020 Boston Marathon, looking towards 2021 when we can all resume our personal pledges of collaboration.