Wake Up Narcolepsy Representatives Attend 2023 Sleep Advocacy Forum in Washington D.C.

WUN Representatives at Sleep Advocacy Forum 2023

Wake Up Narcolepsy had the pleasure of sending representatives Deb Pollock, Director of Philanthropy, and Cara Weaver, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, to the 2023 Sleep Advocacy Forum!

The event was organized by Project Sleep to bring sleep advocates and policymakers together and took place in Washington, DC! Project Sleep is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about sleep health, sleep equity and sleep disorders.

While attending, representatives were able to hear from amazing speakers from different organizations and universities on topics centered around sleep equity and public health. It was a wonderful opportunity to build relationships, learn about policy and research advancements and share the mutual passion for advocacy with others.

Cara presented the organization update on behalf of Wake Up Narcolepsy, discussing WUN’s approach and advancements concerning public and professional awareness, as well as health equity.

Congratulations to Matt Horsnell, one of Wake Up Narcolepsy’s support group leaders, for receiving the Inaugural Sleep Advocacy Champion Award!

We appreciate all you do for the community!

Thank you to Project Sleep for a wonderful event!


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