ENDURING PRODUCTS–Summaries in Recent Narcolepsy Research

In September 2018 Wake Up Narcolepsy played a key role in the 7th International Symposium on Narcolepsy. At the meeting, over 100 narcolepsy researchers and specialists gathered in Beverly, MA to present and discuss the most recent research within the field of narcolepsy and, for the first time, to hear from patient advocacy organizations. As a result of the symposium, several studies have been granted open access with a view to reaching an audience that extends beyond academics and researchers. Those articles have just been made available and can be accessed here:


Wake Up Narcolepsy would like to thank Dr. Thomas Scammell and Dr. Kiran Maski not only for the invitation to participate in the 7th International narcolepsy Symposium but also in their vision to make developments in narcolepsy research accessible to our community.

“We wanted to produce enduring products that would be helpful to other researchers, clinicians and the narcolepsy community.” –Dr. Thomas Scammell