Canadian Market Research Study

A leading Canadian market research company is conducting a qualitative research study with both individuals (18 yrs. of age or older) living in Canada who have been diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy (narcolepsy type 1) and people who are caregivers of someone who has been diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy (narcolepsy type 1).

The study is designed to explore what it’s like to live with (or care for someone with) narcolepsy, what the greatest challenges in managing the symptoms are, and how it has impacted various elements of your life.

  • The only purpose is research, not sales. Please be assured your responses will held in the strictest confidence. The responses you provide will be combined with those of all other participants and reported in combination only.
  • If you successfully qualify for and complete the interview you will receive an honorarium of $200 in appreciation of your participation.
  • The honorarium will be sent via cheque after the interview has been completed
  • You can stop the interview at any time, however those who do not complete the interview will not receive their honorarium

The individual interviews are being scheduled for the weeks of August 23, August 30, and September 6, 2021. The interview will last approximately 60-minutes and will be conducted online using a video conference platform (Zoom). You will also be asked to complete a short (30-minute) self-reflection homework journal prior to the interview.

If you are interested in participating, would like to find out more, and see if you qualify for this study, please contact:

Pat Manclark
Toll free: 1-866-845-6448 ext 286
Local: 416-236-4770 ext 286
Email: pat.manclark@logitgroup.com

Barry Godin
Ligne sans frais: 1-866-845-6448 ext 282
Dans la région de Toronto: 416-236-4770 ext 282
Adresse courriel: barry.godin@logitgroup.com