WUN is thrilled to award Dr. Ong a grant of $3,000 for research into the psycho-social aspects of narcolepsy


On behalf of Wake Up Narcolepsy board member Nicole Jeray who is a full-time professional golfer and a PWN awarded Dr. Ong and graduate research assistance Rylee Brower funds last week for an innovative and much-needed project. The research team, based at Northwestern University, Chicago, conducted a survey that revealed most people with narcolepsy find their coping skills from word of mouth and the internet. Until now, the psycho-social impact of narcolepsy on patients has been under-funded and under-recognized by the wider medical community yet it remains a significant area of challenge for people with the condition.

Dr. Ong went onto say, “Only a small percentage are getting this kind of help from their doctor. We know clinically how people cope with narcolepsy, but we do not have any recent data showing the psycho-social impact of the condition.”

Through qualitative and quantitative data this research will significantly contribute to the holistic approach to the treatment of narcolepsy. Doctors working in the field of sleep medicine will have access to the data and eventually coping techniques that can be discussed with patients at diagnosis.

Results of Dr.Ong’s study will be published Fall 2018 and will be available to PWN on our website. Watch this space!