Happy 5th!

November 2013 marks the fifth anniversary of Wake Up Narcolepsy. In this brief span of time, we’re proud to report that we have become a prominent force in speeding narcolepsy diagnosis through greater awareness. And we have donated more than $250,000 in badly needed funding to the world’s leading narcolepsy research institutes.

Not long after their then 10-year-old son was diagnosed, Monica and Dave Gow, of Worcester, MA, teamed up with their friend Kevin Cosgrove, of Boston, who has narcolepsy. Naturally the three sought as much information on the disorder as they could find. They quickly discovered, however, that there was a paucity of help and information available. If they were finding little support, they reasoned, countless others must be experiencing the same dilemma.

The product of their shock and sense of activism led to the creation of Wake Up Narcolepsy. As Kevin said at our founding, “People with narcolepsy have been living in the shadows. It’s time to step into the light.”

This light has brightened considerably, and our mission is gathering momentum as never before. Rather than put into words everything WUN has achieved, we invite you to view this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0xLiBMDSFg