Congratulations to our 2018 Boston Marathon Team who all successfully completed the race despite it being the coldest weather in 30 years!

This year, TEAM WUN included runners from all over the US who traveled to Boston after months of intense training and individual fundraising efforts. Fernando Leos, Mare Giacalone, Annie Zhang, Amanda Burs, Tanner Smith and Michael Shiavo together have raised $56,000 for Narcolepsy research which will be distributed to leading research centers for the advancement of treatments, diagnostic testing and understanding of narcolepsy.

Already the date for next year has been set on April 15th 2019 and WUN is open for registration. If you felt up to challenge of life time or want more information about being part of TEAM WUN in 2019, click here

We are still accepting donations as we strive towards a final target of $60,000 so please consider supporting our WUNNERS efforts as they recover from the race. To donate please check out our team page here