This is Ashley- She says, “I am currently 25 years young. I have had symptoms since the age of 10. In 2012, at the age of 19, I was officially diagnosed with narcolepsy type 1. Both my diagnosing doctor and the doctor I currently see at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, have informed me that I have one of the most severe cases they have ever seen. So far, I don’t know of anyone else that has narcolepsy this severe. Between the ages of 16-23, I had several small fender benders and I had totaled 5 vehicles. May 2016 was my last accident. This year, at the end of May, it will be 3 years since I voluntarily gave up my license. Sometimes I wonder what my symptoms would be like if I had been diagnosed sooner. It has definitely been difficult, but I am extremely grateful for my family and my bf. Without them, I honestly don’t know where I’d be today. I just keep reminding myself that this is another obstacle to work on overcoming.”