This is Kaylee, she says” Hello beautiful people! My name is Kaylee, I love the nature, I’m a crafty person, an artist, skincare specialist, Disney girl, enjoy time with family/traveling , a very passionate Advocate, and I hope I inspire you.

Every day is into the unknown… I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy when I was 13 years old. I turn 32 next month yay! So It’s been 19 years living with this rare disorder.

  • Every morning when I wake up for the day I remind myself that, “FAITH moves mountains”.
  • “This is me, I love me, I accept me, I’m not going to change me and everyone out there in this world is fighting a battle.”
  • “I’m not alone and your not alone.”
  • “I chose to be that powerful voice of encouragement for myself and others with or without Narcolepsy. “

I have a heart of gold, but one important message I’ve learned over the years with anything in life is,

“Invest In Someone Who Invests In You.”

I find that it is when you understand the value and power that comes with a choice that you will be able to truly appreciate the people who invest in you.