International Narcolepsy Webinar Presentations

During the Wake Up Narcolepsy International Narcolepsy Webinar January 20 – 21, 2022, attendees heard the latest from narcolepsy researchers, patient advocates and people with narcolepsy from around the globe. Presentations are available to watch below on demand.

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WUN seeks to raise awareness about medications and treatments for people with narcolepsy so that they can make better-informed decisions for themselves and their families. For this reason, WUN has made time available for representatives of individual pharmaceutical companies to share potential drug developments and opportunities for clinical trials. However, WUN does not endorse or recommend any medications or treatments or make any representations or warranties as to the content, accuracy or completeness of the presentations. WUN is not engaged in rendering medical advice, and if you have narcolepsy (or think you might have narcolepsy), you should consult with your doctor to fully investigate treatment options to meet your individual needs.