2024 National Summit

April 27th, 2024 – Redmond, Washington

Keynote Speaker: Waking Up To Orexin with Dr. Emmanuel Mignot
Person with Narcolepsy Panel Moderated by Nicole Jeray with Katy Scruton, Brian Mahn, Stephanie Manuli & Tre Burge
 Managing Your Mental Health with Dr. Michael Grandner
Advocating For Yourself with Dr. Anne Marie Morse
Sleep Inequities & Inclusion Panel Moderated by Dr. Grandner with Tony Bennae Richard & Tatiana Corbitt
Navigating Parenting & Family Life Breakout Session Moderated by Dr. Morse with Emily Robinson, Timothy Stroud & Elisa Wirkala
What To Know About Narcolepsy Breakout Session with Dr. Mignot & Nicole Jeray