Wake Up Narcolepsy Launches a WUN Narcolepsy Awareness Apparel Fundraiser!


Wake Up Narcolepsy launched a WUN Narcolepsy Awareness Apparel Fundraiser in conjunction with their 2019 End of Year Campaign.

Looking for creative ways to spread narcolepsy awareness? Check out WUN Narcolepsy Awareness Apparel! They would be a great gift for yourself, your friends, family and community.  Participate in our WUN Apparel Fundraiser by purchasing one, two, or a few!

By purchasing a t-shirt, mug, tote and more you are funding our 2020 programs while spreading awareness through stylish apparel

Important information to note is that since this is a fundraiser these items are only sold for a limited time. So if you are planning purchasing items please do so before December 17, 2019. Items purchased will be shipped AFTER the fundraiser has ended.

Here are the items available purchase:

CLICK HERE to check out all the apparel we are offering and shop at our WUN Narcolepsy Awareness Apparel Fundraiser!