New Episode on Narcolepsy 360-Matt Hieb, father of a child with narcolepsy

This week on Narcolepsy we are excited to have Matt Hieb, father of Madi, a child living with narcolepsy.

In this episode, Matt recounts the journey on getting Madi properly diagnosed with narcolepsy. She was five when her symptoms started, so doctors didn’t take her symptoms as signs of a sleep disorder.

Since Madi’s diagnosis, the Hieb’s have been learning their new “normal”. Matt shares first-hand experience advocating for Madi in her school, to her doctors, and even to Madi herself. He touches on how narcolepsy effect Madi socially and how they have started multiple fundraising initiatives to promote awareness and offset travel cost for CCK.

Head over to http://ow.ly/iDRo50jCYyf and take a listen. Or go to our website and find our podcast under the “Get Involved” menu.