What Being Part Of Team WUN Has Meant To Me

Posted by on Apr 26, 2018 in Lates News
What Being Part Of Team WUN Has Meant To Me

As I sit in my chair with a nice cold drink (soda), I have time to try and put my thoughts together.

My training was an experience in itself and, as I’m looking at my training log, I know why I felt so good at the end of the marathon. I had put in so many miles headed for one goal: finish the marathon feeling good. Mission accomplished! Some of the interesting events that happened during my training runs included: being attacked by a pit bull and fighting him off with my bottle water, finding a lost small turtle which I carried home and released in our local lake, finding Duke (a large Doberman Pincher) who we had made friends with and was out of his yard (I ran him back home), and meeting a small female pit bull too friendly to be out lose. I took the small dog to our local animal shelter along with another dog. I guess it was my destiny to save animals.

I want to thank my wife, Paula, for her support and patience during my training runs. Her support during the marathon made my run even more special. I also want to give props to my daughter, Monica W., who helped as fundraising manager. She kept me focused, ensuring I sent my emails, texts and made my visits. Every time a met an old friend I would tell them my story and talk about Team Wake Up Narcolepsy. On one occasion during our Tuesday Night Bowling League, someone pulled out a $20 dollar bill and donated it. The same thing happened a my golf course. I’d done fundraising as a group in the past, but never by myself. So I was a bit worried, but Monica W. had so many encouraging words and she believed in me. She prepared some awesome flyers and sent emails to our local TV and newspapers. I’ve attached the article that was printed in our local newspaper (San Antonio Express News).

Even with Mother Nature against the marathon this year, my run was a very special one. Every mile was special to me because I remembered a loved one that has passed. Saying a prayer at each mile for each one: Christi Kaup, Luncia Kaup, Milton and Niako Kaup and a close friend Brian Glascow were just a few of the angels who kept me going. Thinking of Paula, Monica, Fernando II also ensured that I stayed on course. Running in Wave 4 and the crazy weather kept the fans low, so I made sure to high-five a lot of them during the course. When I crested Heartbreak Hill, I knew I had 10K to go so I doubled my efforts thanking the fans that stayed to watch and support the Wave 4 runners. It took me 22 minutes to finish the last mile because I didn’t want it my last mile of the Boston Marathon to end. I finished with so much energy and I know my special angels were why I didn’t feel the rain, wind, and cold.

Two days later I’m sitting here with the medal around my neck and still can’t believe that it has happened. Without Monica Gow, her husband David Gow and all of Team Wake Up Narcolepsy (WUN) I never would not have ever realized my runner’s dream. I will forever keep the kids, adults and their families that are afflicted with narcolepsy in my prayers. I am so thankful to all that donated and sent me good thoughts.
God Bless everyone involved.

–Fernando Leos
Boston Marathon Finisher

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