Jacqueline Remembers the 2013 Boston Marathon

Editors Steve Alexander and Diane Montiel, with contributor Jacqueline Sager, discuss their new book, If Not For the Perfect Stranger, which chronicles stories from the 2013 Boston Marathon. Jacqueline was a WUNner in that fateful race and will compete again in the 118th Boston Marathon on April 21. WGN 720 Radio http://wgnradio.com/2014/03/17/remembering-the-2013-boston-marathon/     Read more […]

If Not for the Perfect Stranger

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Awareness

Heart-warming and Healing Stories of Random Acts of Kindness, Courage, Hope and Healing from the 2013 Boston Marathon It’s almost a year now since the worst happened, and when Boston was at its best. A series of perfect strangers provided life saving and life sustaining assistance to spectators and runners in need. From a shirt […]