CATNAP® Pediatric Narcolepsy Registry

Children and adolescents with pediatric narcolepsy and their caregivers can now take part in a patient registry to help researchers and clinicians better understand the condition.  The Children, Adolescents, and their providers: the Narcolepsy Assessment Partnership (CATNAP®) pediatric narcolepsy disease registry collects important health and quality of life information to:

  • Better understand pediatric narcolepsy, including the initial diagnosis and natural disease course
  • Study ways to improve treatments and outcomes for patients
  • Learn more about the impact of narcolepsy on patients and their caregivers

By increasing our knowledge of this life-altering condition, we hope to add valuable scientific insights to the field of pediatric narcolepsy.  Information will be collected through a patient and a clinician portal.

Who can join?

Children and adolescents (under age 18) who have been diagnosed with narcolepsy by a doctor.

Why join a registry?

Taking part in a narcolepsy patient registry will help educate patients and caregivers, inform clinical decision-making, and potentially contribute to the development of new treatment strategies with a better understanding of patient and caregiver impacts.

How can I learn more?

To learn more about participating in this registry, visit the CATNAP® Website