#WhenIWakeUp – a narcolepsy awareness campaign

When WE, in the narcolepsy community, wake up, we experience many emotions, contradictory thoughts, symptoms, to do lists and MORE. All encompass the reality of living with an incurable sleep disorder.

We invite PWNs, CWNs, caregivers, and family members to share their #WhenIWakeUp realities.

#WhenIWakeUp is our Sleep Week 2020 digital awareness campaign! We want to provide a safe space for you all to communicate the TRUTH around the full impact of narcolepsy.  #WhenIWakeUp encourages all to share the positive and negative, the yin and the yang, the light and the dark of everyday life! Although narcolepsy is an invisible illness, we believe any person affected by it deserves to be fully known, and be able to speak their truth without judgment. Share your reality and we will design a personal tile with your personal message!

To share your #WhenIWakeUp reality please do the following:


1. Choose a photo of yourself (please make sure we can see your face!)


2. Write up 2 blurbs about your #WhenIWakeUp reality. (the positive and the negative)

Blurb 1: #WhenIWakeUp I know I cannot do everything I want. My day must be regimented. Medication, eat well, drink lots of water, nap, pace myself, and prioritize activities.

Blurb 2: #WhenIWakeUp I am grateful to be living my dreams. I am strong. I am happy. I am enjoying my purpose in life.


3. Send your name, a photo and the words to beyou@wakeupnarcolepsy.org, also any social media handles and information you would like us to share. We will take the image and words and make it look #WhenIWakeUp fancy!


4. On Sleep Week 2020, we will post the #WhenIWakeUp participants’ responses all over social media. Together let’s continue to raise narcolepsy awareness and tear down the walls of misconceptions and stigma. We hope you will join us!