ASCENT: Awareness and Self-Compassion Enhancing Narcolepsy Treatme



Remember when we interview Dr. Jason Ong in the spring about Mental Health and Mindfulness, well the study he mentioned is now seeking participants.

ASCENT: Awareness and Self-Compassion Enhancing Narcolepsy Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with narcolepsy? Do you struggle with depression or anxiety? The Behavioral Sleep Medicine Lab is evaluating the feasibility of a mindfulness meditation program designed to reduce psychological distress for people with narcolepsy.

Eligible volunteers will be asked to:
– Complete an assessment to determine eligibility to participate.
– Participate in a mindfulness intervention delivered through live videoconferencing
– Complete study assessments every four weeks for 12 weeks.

We are grateful to continue to partner with Dr. Jason Ong and assist in the funding of his pioneering research.

If you are interested in taking part in this study then please email: or call: 312-503-6627


Principal Investigator: Jason Ong, Ph.D. / STU00209890