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People with Narcolepsy have been living in the shadows. It’s time to step into the light.

Kevin Cosgrove, Co-founder of WUN

Camp for Children With Narcolepsy

Camp for our families provide a unique opportunity where children with narcolepsy can meet other kids experiencing the same symptoms and challenges. Building relationships that extend beyond their diagnosis, children with narcolepsy find not only new friends, but a new sense of self identity in which they are no longer different. They gain self-confidence and empowerment, while building hope for their futures. Parents, care-givers and siblings can also attend for free, enjoying a full camp experience and additional support through community and workshops.

It’s changed my life. Now I’ve met my best friend with narcolepsy.

Grace, 17

Camp is a place to connect with people who understand. It’s relief.


Narcolepsy Research

Wake Up Narcolepsy provides unrestricted grants to leading Sleep Centers accelerating narcolepsy research and bringing direction towards a cure.

Unrestricted funding from Wake Up Narcolepsy supports innovative experiments that may otherwise go unsupported.

Dr. Mignot, Director of Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, Stanford University

Swinging for Sleep

Swinging for Sleep is a campaign created by Nicole Jeray to raise awareness and money for narcolepsy while she competed in LPGA tournaments.

It truly gave my career more meaning as I travelled the world doing what I loved, playing golf and talking about narcolepsy.

Nicole Jeray

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When you donate to Wake Up Narcolepsy, your money goes to funding unrestricted grants and research projects.

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