From left: Dr. Mignot holds his dog with narcolepsy, Stanford Center for Narcolepsy; David Gow, WUN Co-Founder

Date: October 24, 2011

In 2011, Wake Up Narcolepsy contributed almost $30,000 to further Dr. Emmanuel Mignot‘s research into what causes narcolepsy. Dr. Mignot is the director of the Center for Sleep Sciences and the Center for Narcolepsy at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.

WUN’s funds furthered Dr. Mignot’s investigations into the genetic and environmental co-factors contributing to the development of narcolepsy.

WUN’s contributions are aiding the following projects:

  • Continuing the genome wide Association studies (looking for commonalities in genes in people with narcolepsy not present in controls).
  • A T-Cell gene difference has been found in people with narcolepsy (late 2009/2010) – Stanford Center for Narcolepsy is now working to sequence all of the T-cell gene receptors to hopefully further isolate or identify those T-cell gene differences.
  • Further exploration into the possible triggers of the onset of the autoimmune process that is responsible for the onset of narcolepsy, including the H1N1 virus, H1N1 vaccine (with and without adjuvant), other vaccines, Strep and other antibodies.

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