Kevin Cosgrove interviewed at WUN Golf Outing

Take a leading role in raising narcolepsy awareness by serving as a media spokesperson. Members of the news media look for stories about individuals whose lives have been affected by narcolepsy. This is an extraordinary opportunity to share your story with the news media and thereby with their audiences. General Rules

  • You must be 18 years or older. (Parents may submit a story about their child.)
  • The story must be about you, not someone else.
  • Tell about your life before you were diagnosed with narcolepsy, the challenges you faced to receive a diagnosis, how your life has been affected by narcolepsy, and what the future may hold for you.
  • Be brief. Your story should not exceed 500 words (3,000 characters including spaces).
  • Describe something unique about your story that others who are unfamiliar with narcolepsy might find interesting.

WUN cannot guarantee your story will be used by the news media. Fill out all requested information below so reporters can easily contact you. By submitting your story, you agree to allow WUN to forward your story and personal information to members of the news media. You also agree to allow the reporter to use any of the information you provided, including your name and city/state of residence. Do not include information you wish to keep private. We will also consider publishing your story on the WUN blog and social media, which reach the entire narcolepsy community.

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