WUN Mission to Support Narcolepsy Research In Action

Congratulations to WUN Co-founder and Board Member, Monica Gow, who is listed as co-author on an article and poster presented at the SLEEP 2017 Conference by Dr. Kiran Maski, MD, Sleep Neurology Clinics, Boston Children’s Hospital titled “Listening to the Patient Voice: Diagnostic Delays, Disease Burden and Treatment Efficacy.” Recently, Gow was interviewed by Sleep […]

Wake Up Narcolepsy Donations Play Pivotal Role in Research

WUN Research Donations Making A Difference On November 8, 2016, Wake Up Narcolepsy Board Member, Suzanne Rispoli had the honor of presenting Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD, Director of the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine at Stanford University with a $30,000 unrestricted grant to continue their work with a Genome Wide Association Study […]

Wake Up Narcolepsy’s Donations Help Accelerate New Findings

Narcolepsy Research Generates New Discoveries On September 27, 2016, Monica Gow, Wake Up Narcolepsy Executive Director, presented a $30,000 unrestricted grant to Thomas Scammell, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston MA. Dr. Scammell is also an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. With the support of WUN, Dr. Scammell and his team looked more […]

Nexus Narcolepsy Registry Results – Wave 1

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Awareness, Narcolepsy Research News, Research

Narcolepsy Research Results Wake Up Narcolepsy is excited to share the Wave 1 results from the Nexus Narcolepsy Registry.  The purpose of the Nexus Registry is to collect information from people with Narcolepsy Type 1 and Type 2 to help narcolepsy researchers better understand this medical disorder and, ultimately, improve the lives of people living with this condition. […]

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